Friday gratitude


Hooray it is Friday!  I know it has been a 4 day week but I’m always happy when Friday rolls around and the weekend is a few hours away 🙂

This weeks gratitude list includes the following:

  • A wonderful Easter weekend.  We drove up on Friday to Wilderness which is one of my favourite places to visit.  Had a relaxing afternoon in a restaurant called Cocomos and a delicious dinner at Pomodoro.  When we got back to Cape Town we went to Franschhoek and Chapman’s Peak in between eating too much and chilling out.  4 Day weekends are the best!
  • My husband and the two date nights we had this week.  Tuesday was a long day and we went out for dinner and last night as I got into the car he suggested we do the same 🙂  Made a reservation on the way home and enjoyed dinner at Cattle Baron.  I love their food and relaxing with a glass of wine was the perfect start to the evening.
  • Books.  I love reading and find it is a great way to de-stress.  I try start most days with some reading and a cup of tea.  Bliss.
  • My boss.  I’ve worked for over 10 years for the most wonderful boss ever and I’m grateful that I can voice any concerns or worries I have to him.
  • Managing to drink 6 glasses of water most days.  I know it could be more but it is a start.
  • Sorbet hand cream.  I keep this on my desk and my favourite is the hydrating one.
  • Having a laugh with a friend on e-mail about an article she wrote.
  • Tea with honey
  • Smarties
  • Standing up for oneself.  Realising the world won’t end just because you show assertiveness.

What are you grateful for this week?



6 Comments on “Friday gratitude

  1. Love your blog! I have been standing up for myself a lot more lately, too. I am really grateful and proud of myself for a lot of things lately. And how much I have grown… grateful for a new opportunity I start tomorrow, that hard work really does pay off, and blogging!

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    • Thanks for the visit! Good luck for your new opportunity – I love when hard work pays off 🙂


  2. What a great list. Isn’t it nice to just get out and enjoy a dinner or two with the one you love, without worrying about the prep and mess in the kitchen? I love that.
    It makes such a big difference when you’ve got a good relationship with your boss and you can be completely open and honest. My current boss who’s been with my organization since October is SUCH a refreshing change compared to my previous boss.

    Have another great week my friend. 😉

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    • Thank you!
      Yes totally agree that enjoying a dinner with no cooking and cleanup is great!
      Glad you also have a good relationship with your boss – it makes work just so much more enjoyable.
      Have a great weekend 🙂


    • Thank you for the visit 🙂
      Yes date nights are always fun – especially spontaneous ones.
      I am such a bookworm at the moment, I’m reading two books and loving it 🙂


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