Currently: April


How is that we are more than half way through April?  This year is flying by so quickly!

In a nutshell this is me at the moment:

Loving:  My hubby and how he just gets me 🙂  I had a really long day yesterday and he took me out to dinner.  A wonderful evening, lots of laughs and delicious food just puts things into perspective.

Missing:  My Gran.  We lost Ouma last November and I’m missing her so so so much – cannot even put it into words.

Reading:  Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

Watching:  “The Catch” and “Pure Genius”.

Enjoying:   This amazing blog group:

Grateful for:  A stay in Langebaan earlier in the month – the pic above is from the West Coast National Park.  This past weekend we visited Wilderness which was very relaxing.

Looking forward to:  A four day week next week and another long weekend

Regretting:  Letting a phone call on Sunday get to me.  I need to be less sensitive but it isn’t easy!  And I always think up loads of brilliant retorts 10 minutes later.  Why???

Needing to:  Go back to gym.  Been very lazy this month so far!

Have an awesome Wednesday everyone!



2 Comments on “Currently: April

  1. Awww, what a beautiful picture that is ❤ And your hubby sounds like a great guy. Isn't it wonderful when the people in our lives just know the right words, and when to say them (and when to take us out for a meal so we can get lost in the moment?!).

    I'm so sorry about your Ouma 😦

    Also thank you for the shoutout to the PP group–we are SO very happy and lucky to have you, my sweet! XOXO and hope you have a lovely weekend ahead 🙂


  2. Thank you – the pic was taken at West Coast National Park. Hubby and I love visiting Langebaan 🙂

    It was really difficult losing my Ouma last year. Even when someone is ill and you know they are in a better place, it still hurts.

    Loving the PP group 🙂

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend


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