Happy Friday

This week has been a short one as yesterday was a public holiday for us.  Hubby and I drove through to West Coast National Park and even though it was cloudy when we arrived, the clouds lifted and it warmed up mid-morning.  We enjoyed breakfast in Langebaan at a restaurant called Ginga Beanz and then went back to the park afterwards.

I’d have liked to take today off and add it to a long weekend but I have too much to do at the moment.  I’ll be glad when today is sorted, deadline ticked off and I’m at home with hubby preparing for the weekend.

My highlights for the week include:

  • Using a gift voucher I received for my birthday last weekend.  Had a pedicure and chose a bright orange which brightens up every outfit in seconds.
  • Watching old episodes of “Friends”.  Even though I know how it ends, I’m enjoying it all over again.
  • Going back to gym this week.
  • Reading with a cup of tea
  • Tin roof ice-cream
  • Public holidays
  • Saying no to something and realising the world doesn’t end.
  • Rain this week
  • Clean and tidy home.  Just makes me feel more organised.
  • Fun in Langebaan yesterday.  Daytrips with my hubby always put a smile on my face.

Have a great weekend everyone.




Friday gratitude


Hooray it is Friday!  I know it has been a 4 day week but I’m always happy when Friday rolls around and the weekend is a few hours away 🙂

This weeks gratitude list includes the following:

  • A wonderful Easter weekend.  We drove up on Friday to Wilderness which is one of my favourite places to visit.  Had a relaxing afternoon in a restaurant called Cocomos and a delicious dinner at Pomodoro.  When we got back to Cape Town we went to Franschhoek and Chapman’s Peak in between eating too much and chilling out.  4 Day weekends are the best!
  • My husband and the two date nights we had this week.  Tuesday was a long day and we went out for dinner and last night as I got into the car he suggested we do the same 🙂  Made a reservation on the way home and enjoyed dinner at Cattle Baron.  I love their food and relaxing with a glass of wine was the perfect start to the evening.
  • Books.  I love reading and find it is a great way to de-stress.  I try start most days with some reading and a cup of tea.  Bliss.
  • My boss.  I’ve worked for over 10 years for the most wonderful boss ever and I’m grateful that I can voice any concerns or worries I have to him.
  • Managing to drink 6 glasses of water most days.  I know it could be more but it is a start.
  • Sorbet hand cream.  I keep this on my desk and my favourite is the hydrating one.
  • Having a laugh with a friend on e-mail about an article she wrote.
  • Tea with honey
  • Smarties
  • Standing up for oneself.  Realising the world won’t end just because you show assertiveness.

What are you grateful for this week?



Currently: April


How is that we are more than half way through April?  This year is flying by so quickly!

In a nutshell this is me at the moment:

Loving:  My hubby and how he just gets me 🙂  I had a really long day yesterday and he took me out to dinner.  A wonderful evening, lots of laughs and delicious food just puts things into perspective.

Missing:  My Gran.  We lost Ouma last November and I’m missing her so so so much – cannot even put it into words.

Reading:  Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

Watching:  “The Catch” and “Pure Genius”.

Enjoying:   This amazing blog group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ThePeacefulPosse/

Grateful for:  A stay in Langebaan earlier in the month – the pic above is from the West Coast National Park.  This past weekend we visited Wilderness which was very relaxing.

Looking forward to:  A four day week next week and another long weekend

Regretting:  Letting a phone call on Sunday get to me.  I need to be less sensitive but it isn’t easy!  And I always think up loads of brilliant retorts 10 minutes later.  Why???

Needing to:  Go back to gym.  Been very lazy this month so far!

Have an awesome Wednesday everyone!