Hello Friday!


I thought that Friday would never arrive.  Everybody seems to agree this week has been far too long!

I’ve joined a wonderful group of bloggers on FB called the Peaceful Posse and the link is below.


Each Friday we list things we are grateful for and so here are the 10 things currently making me smile:

  • Rain!  We so desperately need rain in Cape Town and this weather is much appreciated.
  • Hubby’s training this week went well.  His took part in a 3 day course organised by his work and says he enjoyed it.
  • Lunch with a work friend on Tuesday.  There is a restaurant just over the road from the office and we always enjoy their food.
  • Discovering new blogs
  • Books.  I love starting the day with a bit of reading.
  • Getting lifts with a friend from the office for the 3 afternoons so I didn’t have to worry about driving to work.  She had me around for tea the one evening and we had a lovely catch up.
  • Date night last night
  • Tea with honey.
  • New nail polish
  • The weekend is a few hours away!

What are you looking forward to this weekend?


Happy Friday

Friday morning and the weekend is hours away.  It has been a busy but good week so far – we had a public holiday on Tuesday and it was great.  Had a sore throat yesterday (not fun) but feeling better this morning.

My gratitude list today includes:

  • A wonderful Tuesday.  Slept late and had hot cross buns while watching “The Catch”.  Caught up on housework and tackled the washing.  Fitted in a gym workout (yes in the heat!)  Went to Fraiche Ayres for a delicious lunch.  Relaxed outside with a glass of wine at home that evening.
  • Being disciplined with working out.  Trying to exercise more often these days.
  • Joining the FB group called the Peaceful Posse – an amazing group for bloggers
  • Feeling better – throat is less sore this morning
  • A big box of marshmallow Easter eggs from hubby last night.  Great get-well surprise!
  • Rain yesterday
  • Watching “Big little lies” What an amazing cast!
  • Clean home and empty laundry basket
  • Tea with honey
  • Going to see the Gannets in Lamberts Bay tomorrow

Wishing everyone a wonderful Friday and a great weekend.