Weekend getaway

This past weekend, Hubby treated me to a relaxing mini-break in Hermanus.  We drove through early on Saturday morning and arrived in time for a delicious breakfast at Oskars.  This restaurant makes amazing omelettes and the coffee was great. The decor is really pretty.


I adored their coffee cups and milk jugs


We then drove to Stanford where Mark took some beautiful pictures of the canola fields.


Back in Hermanus we stopped off at Tapas for a drink before we checked into our hotel.

Unfortunately we didn’t spot any whales but we took lots of walks and it was so relaxing.  Mark took this picture of two contented seagulls which I thought was too cute.


We could feel the stresses of the week lifting while we soaked up the tranquil atmosphere and deadlines and to-do lists from the week faded as we walked along the cliff path and looked out over the Old Harbour.


The rugby was exciting to say the least and then we went to our favourite restaurant in Hermanus – Cattle Baron for tasty burgers and chips.

On Sunday before we packed up and came home, the sun came out and despite a chilly breeze we took a stroll after breakfast (one last look for the whales).  We didn’t spot any and so headed back to Cape Town soon after.

I guess that is an excuse to go back to Hermanus soon 🙂


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