Warning: Nervous driver on board

I have never enjoying driving but I assumed after I got my licence at 19 that the confidence would follow.

I was wrong.  I’m still waiting.

I did the driving test over 14 years ago and I passed first time and yet I still dread driving and it is one of my least favourite tasks.

My licence is like an ornament I store in my purse.

Anyway thanks to hubby’s encouragement, I’ve decided to face this fear.  I drove us to work this morning (and I needed two cups of tea afterwards to calm my frazzled nerves)  but I’m determined that I get over this phobia.

Driving is something that so many people take for granted – I’m determined to grow my confidence so that I can achieve this level of independence.

So far everyone has promised me it will happen.  I’m hoping they are right!


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