Weekend vibes

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Greetings Friday!  So glad you’ve arrived!  This week wasn’t too busy but I didn’t find my way to gym at all.  I did cycle for over 2 hours on the weekend so I’m not going to feel bad.  I just wish I didn’t blame the cold weather for skipping gym so often!

Had a fabulous date night with hubby on Tuesday evening – we had planned to go for a run but he suggested dinner out and dinner clearly won!  I put more meal planning in this week – healthier lunches and dinners and this morning the scale registered this.  I’m trying to eat less meat and without even trying had a couple of vegetarian days.

Fridays are extra cool as there is a link up with the fabulous Peaceful Posse.  Lindsay http://theflynnigans.com/ Charlotte http://mypixieblog.com/ and Beth    http://coffeeuntilcocktailsblog.com/ host this amazing Friday link up called What’s up weekend?  Bloggers share their gratitude lists and it is awesome to read about what made fellow bloggers smile the past few days.

My list this week:

  • Going to Langebaan on Saturday and enjoying brunch at Ginja Beanz.  They make the best tramezzinis I’ve ever had.  Seriously.
  • Cycling 40 km’s afterwards! Longest cycle I’ve done so far – felt quite proud.
  • When Mark surprises me with my favourite frozen yoghurt.  Currently that flavour is Turkish Delight and it is delicious.  Yes even in winter I love frozen yoghurt.
  • Having more rain this week.
  • Spontaneous date night on Tuesday.
  • Clean home – funny how polished surfaces and sparkling clean bathrooms just put me in a good mood!
  • Ended work an hour early yesterday and it was great to beat traffic, get home early, have a shower and get under blankets on the couch to watch a movie.
  • Fresh bedding – slept so wonderfully last night. Had an early night and it makes such a difference.
  • Reading a brilliant book my Aunt lent me. “Silent Voices” by Ann Cleeves.  Couldn’t put it down – I found the main character awesome and I want to find other books featuring her.  There is also a also a program on TV called “Vera” based on these books which I look forward to watching.
  • Learning so much from “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.  I’m just on chapter 3 but there is so much to take in and I’m nodding along to alot.  Overthinking and the inability to live in the moment is an issue for so many.  I don’t know what took me so long to read this.  I remember Divya  http://eatteachblog.com/mindfulness-and-productivity/ mentioning this on her blog recently and I’m grateful that I read her post.  Thank you Divya 🙂

This weekend is going to be a fun one.  We are off to photograph the Quiver Trees tomorrow in hopefully better weather.  Hoping for a long cycle on Sunday – also weather dependent.  Then a late lunch at Cattle Baron afterwards.  Housework and laundry are sorted for the moment so no chores this weekend – just fun and relaxing to be had.

What about you?  What is on your gratitude list this week?  Anything exciting planned for the weekend?



If we met for coffee


I always enjoy these sorts of posts which Lecy https://asimplergrace.blogspot.co.za/ does.  And Beth http://coffeeuntilcocktailsblog.com/ recently did one too.

Basically one writes about what they would discuss if they met a friend for coffee.  Any thoughts or concerns are shared and it is an enjoyable way to open up about what is on your mind.

If we met for coffee I’d tell you that I’m so grateful for the rain we have been getting.  The water situation is really worrying and watching every drop we use during the day is tiring.

I’d tell you that I’m trying very hard to get fit and not use the cold weather as an excuse to skip gym.  I’ve been cycling lately and enjoy it.  I rode 40 km’s the other day and shocked myself because I was so certain I didn’t have the energy.

I’d share with you that my germ aversion is very much there at the moment and is causing me to feel stressed.  We all have things we like to avoid but unlike my phobia of heights and snakes, avoiding germs is tricky.  I get very irritated when sick people don’t just stay home and recover – I find it disrespectful that FOMO for a party/dinner/get together is more important to them than other people’s health.  Also being sympathetic is not always my first thought – I hope I don’t catch anything or better keep my distance – is more likely what I’m thinking when someone is ill and drags themself to the office or to a get together.  Also coughing without putting your hand in front of your mouth is disgusting and I find it extremely selfish.

As we enjoy our coffee I’ll admit that I think I’m becoming more of an introvert as I get older.  I also don’t have time for drama and I am avoiding people who like to stir and cause trouble because life is too short.  Being an introvert means that I don’t appreciate people forcing their way into my personal space and I despise having my hair touched and stroked by people who think I’m a human version of their cat.

After we finish drinking and get the bill, I’ll tell you how much I love My Kitchen Rules Australia and how I cannot wait the next season of the South African My Kitchen Rules to start.  I’m no chef but I enjoy cooking shows.

We’ll say goodbye and arrange to meet up for another coffee and catch up soon.


Winter bucket list


I’m not the biggest fan of winter but at 35 I need to accept it arrives each year and I need to make the most of it.  So I compiled a bucket list of things to warm up the next few months.

  • Go back to the Quiver trees.  We went the weekend before last and it was amazing.  Now we want to go back and spend more time there – hopefully the weather will be better with a bit more sun.
  • Have a weekend in Wilderness. Was there for Easter and it seems so long ago.  I love that place.
  • Visit the market in Wilderness again
  • Continue going to gym – winter is not an excuse!
  • Cycle 45 km’s and increase speed from previous cycle
  • Go to a class offered by the gym instead of only using the treadmill
  • Do a proper winter shop. Stock up on spencers and thick stockings.  Actually make a list so I don’t return with a pair of sandals on sale.
  • Make soup from scratch
  • Read both “The power of now” by Eckhart Tolle or “The life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo and put into practice
  • Keep up with my book goals – I’m aiming to have read 40 by the end of the year
  • Try a new recipe – savoury or sweet
  • Say no to things that don’t interest hubby and I.  Our weekends are precious and I’m putting us first.

Do you have a seasonal bucket list?  If so, what is on it?


Friday gratitude

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Well hello Friday – you certainly took your time.

This week was a long one and I didn’t get to gym as often as I’d have liked to but I cut down on junk food, ate out less and did meal planning which once I got into was actually easy.

My gratitude list for this week includes:

  • Finally found shoes for cycling!  Found a pair by Giro and they are so comfortable.  They are not clip ons – I’m not ready to try those just yet.
  • Sushi for dinner on Friday night.  It was a great start to the weekend.
  • Visiting the Northern Cape on Saturday – seeing the Quiver trees was absolutely amazing.  Well worth the early start and long drive (total km’s travelled was over 500).

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  • Relaxed Sunday – did a bit of housework and went to gym
  • Going for a run after work on Tuesday and being so glad I did it afterwards
  • Fresh fruit with plain yoghurt
  • The cold weather hasn’t quite started and we had a lovely Wednesday evening, sitting on the bench outside in our garden
  • Red cappucchino at lunchtime yesterday
  • Healthy dinners from Sunday to last night
  • Getting lost in a book.  Currently reading “Silent Voices” by Ann Cleeves and cannot put it down.

I was hoping to go for a cycle tomorrow but other than that we have no plans and I love weekends where anything is possible but nothing is scheduled.  We are thinking of lunch somewhere nice on Sunday or a brunch – we’ll see 🙂


Humpday confessions

Midweek confessions 2

#1  I shamelessly recycled a gift last week.  It was something that was given to me with zero thought and so I palmed it off on someone who has rarely displayed a shred of thoughtfulness.  It felt good.

#2  The gift was (for some odd reason) appreciated so I feel like I decluttered and did a good deed at the same time.  That is called multitasking.

#3  I’m getting too old to pretend “lets catch up sometime – I haven’t seen you in months/years” dinners are enjoyable.  I was chatting to a work friend about this today.  We agreed that sometimes there are people who feel it necessary to catch up with those they rarely see and it is almost like they need to tick off a task on a to-do list.

  • Meeting at 9:00am – DONE
  • Phone for hairdresser appointment – DONE
  • Meet up with people not seen in a year – E-MAIL SENT!
  • Follow up repeatedly – DONE!

Please don’t!

At 35 I know who my real friends are and am extremely grateful for them.  They know how I felt after I lost my Gran a year and half ago and how stressful this year has been with my Mom in and out of hospital.  They offered kind words, thoughtful messages and knew what I was going through.  So those are the friends I feel that I should be making time for.

#4  Unless it is a cooking show like My Kitchen Rules or Masterchef I don’t watch much reality TV these days.

#5  I’ve been eating loads of sushi lately.  I find it so convenient to get a platter after work after a long day.  And no cooking with few dishes to wash is a win-win!

#6  I’ve had the is-it-Friday-yet feeling since Monday morning.  And I’m struggling to understand how today is only Wednesday.

#7  I’ve officially given up on hoping my hair is going to grow.  I’ve never had it grow so slowly.  EVER.

#8  I can see myself in the future as an elderly person with this same bob I’m wearing now.  “Oh this” I will say “this is the haircut I had in October 2017”.

#9  I keep laughing out loud at random parts of old episodes of “Life in Pieces”.  I want to be like Jen when I grow up.

#10  I’m wondering if tonight is for gym or for relaxing on the couch with a glass of wine.  A case of head vs heart!



Despite being a 3 day week for me (sore throat that wouldn’t go away and was going to my chest) it still felt like a long week.  Work has been busy, the weather cold and I’ve not had the highest level of energy while taking every sore throat remedy I can find.

Also since I’ve gotten into cycling I’ve been wanting to get cycling shoes (but not the ones with cleats) which leaves me with very few options.  Finding a pair that fits comfortably has turned into an impossible task (what is up with my feet?)

So I’m ready for Friday and am counting down the minutes to 4:00pm.

My gratitude list for the week includes:

  • Sushi for dinner last Friday
  • Catching up with one of my Aunts on Saturday morning. We had breakfast and ended up chatting for over 2 and a half hours
  • New cycling shorts and jacket. So comfortable – cannot wait to get back on my bike
  • Clinique goodies – I had to stock up on some toner and night cream and treated myself to some new make up.
  • Strava – so glad I joined and it was cool seeing my activity for April.
  • Finally sorted out the bathroom cabinet.  And did another shelf of the linen cupboard (1 to go).
  • Rain!! Started Monday night and we got more on Tuesday.
  • Feeling better after staying home 2 days this week. Sore throat seems to be going.  I slept so much and staying in my jim jams, keeping warm and just taking time to get better really helped.
  • Finished reading “The year that changed everything” by Cathy Kelly and loved it.  Going to do a book review soon.

This evening we are just going to do some grocery shopping and then have a quiet evening ahead.  Tomorrow we have an adventure planned – hoping the weather plays along as it is an amazing place for photography (I’ll hopefully do a post on it next week).  Sunday I’m hoping to fit in a slow cycle – feel like I haven’t exercised in ages and know I have to take it slow.

What is on your gratitude list this week?



Hello May!

The weather is getting chilly and I’ve had to pack away my sandals and find my warmer clothes while I mutter about how much I don’t like winter.  I’m the person who goes to work in a dress and open shoes for as long as she can when the cold weather starts.

“I won’t let winter win” I mutter in the office when people ask why I’m dressed for summer at the end of April.

“I won’t give in” I’ll say as I shiver waiting for the kettle to boil so I can warm up with a cup of tea (proudly wearing sandals and a slightly frozen expression).

Last week I admitted defeat and put on something warm.  I’m not happy.  But I’m warmer so that is something.

I’m not winters biggest fan.  I sometimes wonder if I was meant to be a bear/hedgehog/bat so I could hibernate during winter and then wake up in the spring looking thinner and ready for the warmer weather.  But here I am in a cardigan and stockings grimacing at the cold and dark mornings.

And everyone else’s blog is about spring and the warmer weather.  And I’m happy for everyone.  Really I am.


I know we couldn’t have summer forever.  It just seems to get more difficult to say goodbye each year.

Outside the office I can see the leaves changing and turning red and orange.  I’ve decided this year I’ll make a list of winter goals and it will make the colder months more enjoyable.

Until then at least my toes are happy in closed shoes and my massive cardigan collection will come in handy.


May mantras and goals

A new month and a new set of mantras and goals.  April flew by far too quickly.  I was just getting over the fact that March was finished when May arrived.

My goals for last month were:

  • Finish last 2 shelves of linen cupboard  Nope.  No excuses. 
  • Sort bathroom cupboard out See above.  Again no excuses.
  • Go to gym  Yes and it was great!
  • Read 3 books
  • Live out my OLW for the year. Stop making excuses and just release!  I like to think I’m getting there.
  • Decide on a blog name – new blog is getting there – just need to make a final decision on the name.  Yes at long last!  Will be sharing my new blog soon.
  • Go for a cycle.  I lost my cycling confidence a bit and need to get it back.  I went for 3 and my longest cycle was 36km’s.
  • Drive more often. Definitely a trend here with wheels and I.  Nope. 

May’s goals:

  • Drive more often
  • Declutter last 2 shelves of linen cupboard and organise bathroom cabinet
  • Plan dinners and eat more healthy lunches
  • Read either “The power of now” by Eckhart Tolle or “The life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo.


Quote 1

If overthinking was an Olympic sport I’d have so many medals!  What is up with that – so annoying and such a difficult habit to get rid of.

Quote 3

Need to do more of this!

What is on your list for May?


Currently: April

Watching:  “This is Us” “Life in pieces” “Man with a plan” “American housewife”

Reading:  City of friends by Joanna Tollope

Enjoying:  Cycling again!  Cycled 30km’s on Saturday.

Eating:  Less red meat and more chicken with vegetables.

Drinking:  Loads of tea.

Laughing:  at last night. We were supposed to meet hubby’s parents for dinner.  Due to a miscommunication we ended up at different restaurants.  Same name, different branch. They phoned to ask if we were running late while we were wondering if they were stuck in traffic.  Had a nice evening when they eventually arrived (at the correct branch).

Looking forward to:  3 day weekend

Grateful:  for the rain we had yesterday and more which is predicted.

Feeling:  like rubbish after changing my contraception.  I went with a convenient option many years ago and am paying the price.  I feel completely horrendous and I think the only people who haven’t pissed me off or who I haven’t had words with are those I haven’t yet met.

Hoping:  this will pass SOON.



New pic

The weekend starts in a few hours – something I’m incredibly grateful for!  This week has been busy but I don’t feel like I’ve ticked much off my to-do list – just one of those weeks!

Each Friday there is a link up with the fabulous Peaceful Posse.  Lindsay http://theflynnigans.com/ Charlotte http://mypixieblog.com/ and Beth    http://coffeeuntilcocktailsblog.com/ host this amazing Friday link up called What’s up weekend?  Bloggers share their gratitude lists and it is a great way to start the weekend.  My list this week:

  • Fun in Langebaan over the weekend. Took a days leave last Friday and spent a fantastic weekend cycling, visiting the spa, having braais and relaxing in a beautiful place. Love Langebaan!
  • Getting back into my cycling. We rode around West Coast National Park and it was great seeing it at a slower pace on the bike.
  • Dinner at Cattle Baron on Monday.
  • Going back to gym on Tuesday – spent 30 minutes on the treadmill and then had a healthy dinner afterwards.
  • Wine after super long days
  • Rain on Wednesday
  • Finding balance this week – just because we had a dinner out on Monday didn’t mean we couldn’t eat healthily the rest of the week. Countered the treat with lots of stir-frys this week and the scale registered it this morning!
  • Waking up hours before the alarm and going back to sleep
  • Feeling less tired – could be that we are back at gym/eating more vegetables/vitamin has kicked in
  • My new blog finally getting there – might be able to start posting on it next week.