Coffee date


I’m linking up for a monthly coffee date with Lecy

If we met for coffee, I’d choose a place that has a choice of desserts that we can enjoy during our catch up.  I feel like a chocolate muffin and a cappuccino, how about you?

If we met for coffee, I’d tell you that this weather is so strange but I’m not complaining.  We are supposed to be having our summer but the temperatures have been really cool and we’ve been getting rain (also a blessing).  I did the whole wardrobe switch around ages ago and yet I’m still wearing cardigans and tights occasionally to work.  Today I had the heater on haha!

I’d ask you how your weekend was.  Mine was lovely, we went to Hermanus after work on Friday and had a wonderful time.  It rained a lot but we made the most of it and returned to Cape Town feeling relaxed.  The Million Dollar Golf Challenge was on at Sun City and we enjoyed watching it and thinking of our visit there last month.

As our drinks arrive, I’d tell you that 2020 is around the corner and I’m still deciding on my OLW (One Little Word) for the year.  I have plans for a few changes in the new year.  Looking at my circle and making some changes going forward.  Making time for healthy friendships and letting go of those that no longer bring joy.  Sounds pretty simple but (I’ve said this before), there are some people in ones life that you cannot cut ties with.  You’ll see them many times going forward and sometimes limiting contact is all one can hope for.

I’m sure there are many in a similar position.  So along with limiting contact, there is also editing to be practiced (when forced to run into these folk).  Editing the pointless comments.  I.e having to hear something completely unnecessary/negative/condescending, mentally tossing comment into bin, zoning out of inane conversation.  Repeating until encounter is over.

Life is just too short.  This year I realized (yet again) that there are people in my life who simply cannot be happy for me.  And that is their choice.  Making stupid comments every time I’m excited or happy about something or looking forward to a getaway or just going for a haircut.  I don’t need that in my life.  The happiness vampires.  The vacation vultures.  The energy thieves.  Seriously, enough is enough.

Honestly, this topic deserves an entire blog post on its own but I keep deleting instead of publishing in case it gets discovered.  Although self centred people are usually too busy dragging those around them down to actually read a blog post.  So maybe I will post it sometime 😉

We’d get our snacks and I’d ask you what your plans are for the festive season.  We are exchanging very few gifts – so much easier this way.  My days of rushing around doing Christmas shopping and then having to drop off gifts to various family members and friends (for some reason all the driving around was always up to us) is not something I miss.

I’m looking forward to a quiet and calm festive season.  I want to take my time decorating, buying thoughtful gifts and just soaking up the season while remembering the true reason behind Christmas.  It is too easy to get caught up in the commercial side of what is a very special time.

We’d finish our coffee and muffins, say goodbye and arrange to meet up again next month.




Currently: November


Drinking:  Tea and lots of it.  Have had 2 really bad nights sleep.  I swear since Monday it is like my body has forgotten how to sleep.  And I love my sleep.  Might need to swap this tea for a coffee so I stay awake today.

Eating:  Lots of sweet potato mash.  Going through a real sweet potato phase right now.

Wearing:  Long sleeves in November!  This is our summer by the way.  The weather just hasn’t gotten the memo yet.  So I’m in a cardigan and pants today.  Sandals to show my feet are celebrating summer…..

Watching:  Modern Family, The Connors, 4 weddings and a funeral (only seen a few minutes so far), Coronation street, Househunters International, The Rookie.

Reading:  The missing wife by Sheila O’Flanagan

Wishing:  It was the weekend already.  This week is going so slowly.

Looking forward to:  a work lunch tomorrow and a nice early start to the weekend!  Some fun up the Overberg this weekend.  A shopping day with a friend the following weekend.  Putting up the tree the weekend after.

Pondering:  my OLW for 2020.  2019 was Adventure and I feel I did it justice so far.  Flew 3 times this year, once to a brand new place.  Did loads of weekends away, tried new resturants, recipes and wine.

Accepting:  that one cannot always cut of all contact with negative folk or those people in your life that cannot be happy for you, but you can LIMIT the contact with them.  Being proactive in this area of my life.


Show us your books – November link up


Second Tuesday of the month which means linking up with Steph and Jana for Show Us Your Books.  Here is what I read in October.

Book 1

The Endless Beach by Jenny Colgan

The plot:  Flora runs the Summer Seaside kitchen in the Scottish highlands, after leaving her job and life in London.  She has a complicated relationship with Joel who she worked for in London.  This is the second book in a series (which I didn’t know until starting the book) but it is possible to just jump in without reading the first book.

What I thought:  I’ve read many books by Jenny Colgan and in all honesty I see a trend.  The Little Beach Street Bakery and Rosie Hopkins Sweet Shop series have similarities and it doesn’t seem to matter if you start the series at the beginning or just pick up one and delve in.  You are quickly caught up but the themes seem similar.  Woman leaves job to run coffee shop/bakery/sweet shop.  Woman meets man but rocky road to love follows.

Lack of communication in the Endless Beach was a huge irritation for me.  Seriously in the modern age of technology how difficult to stay in contact (bad signal/cellphone reception taken into consideration)…..

Everyone is drowning in their own thoughts, but nobody shares or opens up.  Main characters assume everyone must read their minds.  I was relieved when it was finished and will not read the next in the series.

My Goodreads rating:  One star.

Book 3

The Hive by Gill Hornby

The Plot:  It is a new school year at St Ambrose.  There is fierce competition and one upmanship.  Shifting friendships and betrayal.  And that is just the mothers.

Bea is the unchallenged queen of the various committees and rules the school.  Heather just wants to volunteer and be a part of it all.  Rachel, former best friend of Bea doesn’t know why she has been pushed to the sidelines.

What I thought:  This book started off slowly and I put it to one side earlier this year.  Then decided last month to try again and I’m glad I did.  There are a few characters which I’m sure everyone has met in their lives.  Bea is a bully – a grown version of Regina George in Mean Girls.  Rachel is her bewildered friend, going through a divorce and confused why her former best friend has frozen her out.  Heather is a people pleaser desperate for approval.  Georgie does her own thing, doesn’t care what people think and most people love her despite her blunt honesty and careless attitude.  The book grew on me the more I read it.

My Goodreads rating:  3 stars

Book 2

The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell

The plot:  Libby has just inherited a huge house in Chelsea.  25 years ago police were called and found a well fed baby (Libby) in one of the bedrooms.  Downstairs were 3 decomposing bodies and a note.  The 4 teenagers who lived in the house had disappeared and couldn’t be found.  As the investigation was carried out 25 years ago, chilling facts were uncovered but the truth has remained unknown.

What I thought:  Another awesome read from Lisa Jewell!  This book has so many twists and turns and kept me guessing.

These days I tend to predict a lot of the so-called surprises and endings in books but this time I didn’t.

Told from various character’s points of view – Libby, a woman called Lucy who is in France and needing to return to the UK (and to the house where everything happened), and one of the children who grew up in the house with dreadful secrets.  The last view gives history to the house and what events led to the shocking discovery 25 years ago.

My goodreads rating: 4 stars

Currently reading “The Missing wife” by Sheila O’Flanagan.

What about you?  Read anything interesting lately?


Monday musings


Growing up I loathed Mondays.  It meant the weekend was over.  That there was 5 days of school ahead.  Studying for tests and exams.  Homework.

You get the picture.

I always vowed that I wouldn’t detest Mondays as an adult.  That Monday wouldn’t be so MEH.

I’ve found the key to easing into the week is to do some preparation on a Sunday.  I’ll be honest when I woke up yesterday morning I was tempted to have a lazy day.

After a breakfast consisting of milktart, the day looked like it was going the chilled/lazy route.

You can stop making that face Cheryl, this is my blog and I’ll eat cake for breakfast if I want to.

Sitting in our jim jams getting comfy on the couch, I thought about the to-do list that was not going anywhere.  I pondered the busy week ahead and had that ‘now or never’ feeling.

Cleaning our home (thank goodness hubby always helps) was a workout but we still made time for gym.  I got on top of the laundry, I found some Househunters International and ironed my way through a few episodes.  Tidied our cupboards and we ended the evening with a delicious dinner, hubby made.  I even had time to write out a grocery list and think about meal planning for this week.

This morning we woke up to a clean home, empty laundry basket and a sense of calm.  Busy week ahead but less on the old to-do list makes the world of difference.  A kick ass workout means I’m more motivated to go to gym after work.  I feel like I’ve got a headstart of my weekly goals and it is well worth putting the time in, on a Sunday.

Because the benefits on a Monday speak for themselves.

What about you?  Do you have a weekly routine to combat Monday mayhem?


Hello Friday

New pic

Happy Friday everyone!  I’m thrilled it has arrived – been one of those weeks where Friday felt very far away…..

As is my Friday tradition, I’m linking up with Lindsay Charlotte and Beth  with my gratitude list for the week.

  • Watching the rugby on Saturday!  South Africa are the Rugby World Cup winners for 2019 and we are so proud!!  We won in 1995, 2007 and 12 years later again!
  • Cadbury Crunchie ice-creams over the weekend.  And again last night.  Dessert sorted!
  • Crisp glass of wine which just tastes better in the warmer weather
  • My mother-in-law liking her birthday present.  I love putting pretty shower and pampering goodies together for her.
  • Fun evening with my in-laws on Monday.  Had a games night, tea, cake and a lot of laughs.
  • Tea with honey
  • Reading a book by an Author I’ve never read anything by before (Sheila O’Flanagan)
  • Rain! Oh gosh how lucky are we that in summer we are being blessed with rain. Our dam levels are at 84.% at the moment.
  • Finally doing a holiday recap post
  • These beautiful flowers from Mark.  Yesterday was the 3 year anniversary of my Gran passing away.  It is always a sad time of year, probably the reason I was in such a dreadful mood this week.   Having these in our kitchen really made my day and I have a feeling Ouma would have loved them too.


Well nearly time for the weekend to start.  I’ve got brunch with one of my Aunts tomorrow.  Been far too long since we’ve had a catch up and we have some books to lend each other as well.  Sunday we hope to go to Primi for breakfast – that frittata they make is just SO good – and then some gardening and pottering around at home.  Hoping to fit in a gym workout as well.

I’m so good at telling people that self-care is essential but this week I let that fly out the window.  Just felt so meh and didn’t even make time for creative writing (been meaning to work on an old novel I wrote during NaNoWriMo years ago).  Anyway I feel like this weekend I need to fill my cup and just unplug and relax.

What about you? What is on your gratitude list this week? Anything exciting planned for the weekend?


October recap – what is new with you?

Each month the lovely Kirsten from hosts a link up where bloggers can share a recap from their previous month.

We went to Sun City and Pilanesberg national Park last month and saw the best wildlife sightings since we started visiting this amazing place years ago.


It was the hottest weather we’ve ever experienced – got to 41 degrees the one day.  Took a pic as proof……..


When we are in Sun City we visit Pilanesberg National Park and stay for hours.  You never know what you’ll see and it is always so exciting.  We had the MOST leopard sightings in a trip which was very special.




Cheetah mom and her cubs


Elephants cooling off in the water




Brown Hyena










And of course one of my favourites……Giraffes!  I love them 🙂




Mark booked us a drive early one morning which was great.  Each day we went to the park he drove but going with a ranger meant he could sit back and take in all the beautiful sights.



The weather was out of this world.  We took early morning drives through Pilanesberg and then had brunch at the Lost City Golf Club.





I had some pampering at the spa at Gary Player Country Club.


Went to the hairdresser one of the afternoons and then booked a manicure and pedicure the following evening.

We spent time at Valley of the Waves.



FB_IMG_1572244234702 (1)

We stayed at the Vacation Club which is self catering.  The apartments are spacious and have aircon (thank goodness with the heat!)  In the evenings we’d sit on the balcony after supper and just relax with our drinks and snacks and talk about our day and all the sightings.


It was such a memorable week and already we are missing this amazing place and want to go back!



Linking up with Kirsten from See You In A Porridge.

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Humpday confessions


I’m not sure what it is – the weather, pms or extreme tiredness from too many late nights but I’ve been in one major mood since yesterday.  Good grief, I suggest everyone stands clear as I make my way through a huge chocolate, gallon of tea before settling down for some serious TV time.

  • I had high hopes for a gym workout yesterday followed by a healthy supper and early night.  0 out of 3 folks.
  • My phone is about to give up the ghost and I cannot even feel motivated to look for a replacement.  I used to love new phones!  Admittedly I’m feeling very annoyed being contactable all the time so this is a contributing factor.
  • I’ve been to many spa appointments lately but still haven’t used a gift voucher that I was given.  Need to use it soon as I don’t want it to expire.
  • I feel like 2020 is the year I do some serious distancing from anybody not bringing joy.  If you are going to try bait me into an argument, you are not going to hear from me very often.  I’m sick of making excuses – “oh but they are family/ friends/a person I’ve known forever” etc.
  • I really battle with the whole “my blog my space” and not posting a vent/over-share.  I want to keep my blog real but at the same time I’ve discovered people I knew reading it and that just felt weird.

That is it for the week – not too scandalous haha.


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